Which lesson suits you best?

Threshold skills

This training increases your threshold power. Our interval trainings are designed to stimulate the body into improving this threshold power! Giving you the ability to go harder for longer and to recover better. If you can combine this interval training with some longer efforts then you have a clear path to becoming a better cyclist. Skill Cycling is here to lead you down that path.

Interval skills

This training is specifically designed to increase your ability to hold high intensity efforts for longer and to increase your ability to recover. By using climbing and power intervals your body will be pushed so that next time you come back you will  be faster & stronger.


 Racing is like fighting a gorilla, you don’t stop when you’re tired you stop when the gorilla is tired. Competition brings out the best in people, this has a great effect on your fitness. Skill Cycling races give you a chance to test yourself against others and push yourself that bit further. Races last around 45-50 minutes and will involve lots of climbing and offer a different challenge then the normal lessons.